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Information for arrival in the Republic of Korea
Joint Programmes with KOICA (Course Codes: A1, A2, A3, A4)

Upon arrival at Incheon Airport, trainees will be escorted by a KOICA staff member to a shuttle bus for transport to KOICA's International Cooperation Training Center (ICTC) in Seoul, KCATC in Chungbuk or IAAA in Incheon. The trainees are not required to fill out the Attachment 3(Participants Itinerary)

Global Aviation Safety Programmes (Course Codes: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10, B11)

All trainees should complete the flight itinerary (Attachment 3) for airport escort service and send it to the training institute as you are guided after being selected at least 14 days before the training start date. More information of accommodation & transportation will be informed by the training institute in a month before starting the training.

※ Incheon Airport to ICTC: 2 hours
    Incheon Airport to KCATC: 3 hours
    Incheon Airport to IAAA : 20 minutes
※ Write down detailed round-trip flight schedules.
※ Please send this form to one of the following e-mail addresses.

▶If you will be participating in B-1(Airport & ANF Policy for Executives), B-3(DVOR/DME Maintenance), B-6(ILS Maintenance), B-9(Airport Lighting Operation & Management), B-10(Airport Pavement Evaluation), please send it to KCATC (koreacatc@airport.co.kr) at least 10 days before the training start date ;
 training start date.

▶If you will be participating in B-2(Aerodrome Inspection for ASEAN), B-4(Electronic Safety Tools), B-5(Airport Terminal Operation), B-7(Airport Green House Gas Management), B-8(NAVAIDS Installation & Operation), B-11(Aviation Policy for Executives),  please send it to IAAA (saltkang@gmail.com) at least 10 days before the training start date.

Note – The trainees for “A” courses series (KOICA Joint Programme) are not required to fill out this form (Participants Itinerary

For the latest information and details, please refer to: www.korea-ftp.org

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